“You learn where you may be going wrong, even when you think you're eating healthy.” 

- Terry

"It has so much value!"

This program has so much value in terms of teaching me about the right food and lifestyle choices. I feel lighter, have better mobility, my asthma symptoms have disappeared, and I’m sleeping much better. I used to feel like I was dragging myself around, but now have lots of energy. Being more in control of my food choices is a powerful feeling as well, as it has boosted my self-confidence. It has even impacted my family and co-workers.

— K.T.





"I feel more alive."

I’m now more health conscious and my 8 hour work days are more productive than they were 3 months ago. I feel more alive and focused, like I have been switched back on. There’s no more brain fog. I feel like I can jump over the moon.

— T.B.

“I'm finally losing weight.”

I've been learning about how my body works in connection with certain foods which has really opened my eyes and made this an explorative journey. I'm actually excited about food again! This has definitely changed my mindset and I've been feeling more positive. I'm finally losing weight and there's light at the end of the tunnel.

— J.S.





"I’m less hungry and my portion control came naturally."

I’ve finally been taught how to eat in a way that’s easy for my busy schedule. I’m less hungry and my portion control came naturally as I don’t even have to think about it or plan it out. Nor do I have to measure my foods. It’s becoming effortless as I’ve adapted to this new way of eating.

— J.F.

“It has been a team effort and it’s working.”

Soooooo, saw my Health Coach Alex Dill this evening and he was very impressed with my numbers because numbers don’t lie. Lost 7 lbs. since my last visit and gained muscle. The amazing thing is that I haven’t started exercising yet but my wife and I plan on buying push bikes soon and plan on riding together. It has been a team effort and it’s working. It feels good to see and feel my progress and I love the fact that my progress is slow but steady. Can’t wait to begin exercising because I know that my weight will go even faster. Big thanks to all of my support including my wife, family, Health Coach and friends for encouraging me to continue bettering my health.

— A.S.





"I look and feel younger."

I have tried all types of products to preserve my youth, but nothing seemed to work. Although I joined this program for other reasons, I had no idea that my face would look and feel younger! This program has taken me back a few years. Quite impressed.

— A.B.