Vegetable Beef Skillet


  1. Yellow squash

  2. Onions

  3. White and purple cabbage

  4. Broccoli

  5. Cherry tomatoes

  6. Fresh garlic cloves

  7. Grass fed ground beef

  8. Organic sugar free tomato sauce (can sweeten with a bit of raw honey if desired)

  9. Salt (Himalayan or Sea)

  10. Any herbs and spices of choice

  11. Ghee butter or virgin coconut oil


Ground Beef

  1. Prepare ingredients:
    a. grate/mince the fresh garlic cloves
    b. cut the vegetables and place in a bowl

  2. Heat frying pan on medium heat and add ghee butter or virgin coconut oil

  3. Once hot, add grass fed ground beef, salt and seasonings of choice

  4. Stir until seasonings are mixed in fully

  5. Turn to low heat, add in tomato sauce and stir until fully mixed

  6. Keep covered while you start to cook the vegetables in separate pot


  1. Heat a large pot on medium heat and add ghee butter or virgin coconut oil

  2. Once hot, add the bowl of mixed vegetables

  3. Add salt, grated/minced garlic and seasonings of choice on vegetables and mixd until all vegetables are seasoned well

  4. Turn to low heat and keep covered for 5 minutes

Mix the Beef and Vegetables

  1. Turn off the heat of the frying pan (beef) and add the beef to the pot of vegetables

  2. Stir until beef and vegetables are mixed well

  3. Keep covered for 5-10 minutes then turn pot off

  4. Let sit for a few minutes then serve